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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Regular Dental Check Ups Are Important

Why Regular Dental Check Ups Are Important
By Davy Blue

With most families having a difficult time financially these days and needing to find ways to cut costs many are electing to forgo regular dental check ups. While these families may practice good oral hygiene at home this is simply not enough, those regular dental check ups are essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and in the best of shape. Here are just a few reasons why dental check ups are important.
Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important To Children
Regular dental checkups are essential to providing your children with good oral hygiene and help them to have healthy teeth as adults. During these scheduled check ups your child's dentists can find small cavities before they grow large and become painful. Your dentist can give fluoride treatments to help strengthen your child's teeth, help you stress the importance of brushing and flossing to your child's health, and do routine teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar that can build up and result in gum disease.
Taking your child for a routine dental check up will also help your dentist to detect such problems as crowded or crooked teeth early and have them corrected instead of waiting until your child has a probably eating or chewing and correction becomes a huge expense you cannot afford.
Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important To Adults
Adults need regular dental checks up too. By seeing your dentist regular you can have your teeth cleaned to keep them from yellowing which is embarrassing and tends to lead to people feeling less self confident. Teeth cleaning also helps to prevent gum disease in adults which can lead to tooth loss and the need for dentures.
Your dentist will also check for loose or missing teeth and for other problems which if left uncorrected can lead to other more serious health problems.
Regular Dental Check Ups Can Save You Money
In the long run taking the time and spending the money on regular dental check ups can actually save your money in the long run. There is an old saying that goes "you can pay now, or you can pay later." This is certainly true when it comes to dental care. Far too often people who think they are saving money by avoiding regular dental check ups find that instead of saving money they end up spending thousands of dollars to have serious dental problems corrected. This money could have been saved had they visited their dentist regularly as their dentist would have been able to detect these problems in advance when treatments would have been cheaper, or may have been able to prevent the problem all together.
Consider the thousands of dollars you may end up paying for dental care down the road, not to mention the other health problems that may arise from these dental problems. Also consider the amount of work time you will lose to have these problems corrected. It just makes sense to see your dentist regular and save that money not to mention the pain and worry that can be a result of poorly cared for teeth and gums.

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Davy Blue

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Toothache Remedies - Do They Work?

Home Toothache Remedies - Do They Work?
By Davy Blue

Home remedies for various aches and pains and conditions have been around as long as there have been people. There are home remedies for headaches, backaches, sore muscles, bee stings, insect bites and a variety of other problems. Many times these home remedies not only prove effective but often times actually work better than over the counter and prescriptions medications do. So, it isn't any wonder that there are various home remedies for toothaches that many people swear by. The question however, is do these home remedies for toothaches work?
The simple answer is that yes, there are several home remedies that do work to help stop toothache pain and these remedies can be quite helpful for those people who wake up in the middle of the night with a painful toothache and are hours away from being able to call their dentist. However, it should be clearly understood that when it comes to toothaches, home remedies should never take the place of seeing your dentist.
Toothaches are a symptom of some underlying problem with your teeth or gums. By treating the toothache you are only treating the symptom not the problem itself. In order to maintain good oral health you need to treat the problem and only a professional dentist is qualified to do that.
The cause for that toothache could be a cavity, an infected tooth or gum or an abscess. All of these conditions need to be treated by a professional dentist and failing to get prompt treatment for these conditions can cause more significant problems later on. So, making an appointment even an emergency appointment and seeing your dentist as soon as possible is essential to fix the problem and maintaining good dental health. By getting your teeth looked at as soon as possible after experiencing a toothache you can save yourself a world of pain and a lot of money.
That being said, there are times when toothaches begin in the middle of the night and the pain can be excruciating. When feeling this kind of pain most people will do anything to get some relief and a visit to the dentist may be hours away. In cases, such as this using an effective home remedy for your toothache may be just what the doctor ordered. However, keep in mind that upon visiting your dentist you should discuss this remedy with him as some remedies may affect the dental treatment your dentist needs to employ.
Toothaches are no laughing matter. Using a home remedy to help lessen or stop the pain of a toothache and then visiting your dentist to determine and treat the cause of the toothache can sometimes be the best choice in certain circumstances. Working in conjunction with a visit to your dentist, home toothache remedies not only work, but may well be an asset to your dental care. However, they should never replace seeing the dentist or be used in place of regular dental check ups.

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Davy Blue

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teaching Your Kids About Good Oral Hygiene

As parents, we are constantly teaching our children. We teach them their colors and numbers, help them learn to read, tie their shoes, be polite and how to speak and even eat properly. However, oftentimes as parents we tend to forget how important it is to teach our children about good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is about more than not having bad breath. Good oral hygiene helps keep our children healthy, pain free and feeling more confident. Here are just a few ways that you can teach your children about good oral hygiene.

Make Dental Visits A Part Of Your Child's Lifestyle. Starting dental visits for your child at the earliest age recommended and continuing through out their formative years is a great way to start teaching your child about the importance of good oral hygiene. When your child visits the dentist on a regular basis starting from around the age of one these visits become a habit, a natural part of their life that they are likely to continue once they reach adulthood.
Make Brushing Your Child's Teeth A Habit Before The First Tooth. You can begin making brushing your child's teeth a habit even before they have teeth. Wiping their gums with a soft washcloth will help to remove milk build up. Once their first tooth comes in using a baby tooth brush to brush your child's teeth will simply allow your child to grow up with the familiarity of having their teeth brushed. Once they are old enough to hold a toothbrush, begin teaching them to brush their own teeth.
Teach Your Children About Teeth Healthy Foods. By serving your children raw vegetables and fresh fruits while they are young, you will be teaching them to enjoy these teeth healthy foods. You should also teach them to brush their teeth after meals and to brush their teeth after drinking sugared drinks and eating sugary foods. Explain to them once they get old enough that by brushing or rinsing after these treats, they are helping to prevent cavities from forming.
Teach Your Children To Floss At A Young Age. Teaching your child to floss at a young age is important to their oral hygiene. If you are unsure of how to teach your child to floss properly, have your child's dentist show them the proper way to floss.
Teach By Example. Like everything in life, our children learn best by example. By practicing good oral hygiene yourself and keeping your own dental appointments, you will be sending the message to your children that good oral hygiene is important. If you put both your own oral hygiene and your child's at the top of your priority list, your child will grow up understanding how important caring for their teeth and gums is and will be more likely to give oral hygiene the time and attention it needs.

Children are best at those things they are taught at a young age and then have reinforced for them throughout their formative years. By showing concern for your child's oral hygiene from birth throughout his childhood, you will be teaching him the importance of good oral hygiene that will last throughout his life.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

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